Let's drink to making a difference

At Kindred Spirit Teas®, we feel that the experience shared in a cup of tea is inspired not only by the people and energy that bring the drink to us, but also by the lives of the creatures that we share this big world with. They are our fellow travelers, our companions, our partners in this journey, so let’s enjoy a reflection on them as we enjoy our time with each other and a great cup of tea.

Your purchase will make a difference in the lives of endangered animal species and in the lives of those people that strive to help them. By choosing this tea, you are joining our mission at Kindred Spirit Teas® of supporting animal conservation programs worldwide. We heartfully pledge that a portion of profits will be donated to like minded organizations that protect and preserve wildlife. 

We have partnered with a heartfully selected grouping of animal charity organizations that we feel demonstrate a sincere interest in the betterment of the lives of the animals they hearken to by the words of their concern and by the actions they take. 

Elephants Of Sumatra -


Bruce Levick lives in Sumatra and heads the Elephants Of Sumatra project there which works to raise awareness and establish conservation solutions for the highly endangered Sumatran elephant population. His incredible photography and photo/video blog posts of this organization's ongoing efforts will captivate and energize even the most casual observer at the critical needs of our elephant population there, of how much is being accomplished by the Elephants Of Sumatra outreach, and how much still needs to be done.

SEE Turtles - 


SEE Turtles is an outreach organization that supports sea turtle conservation efforts around the world through ecotourism, fundraising, and education. Launched in 2008 as the world’s first effort to protect these species through ecotourism, SEE Turtles protects endangered sea turtles throughout Latin America and the world by supporting community based conservation efforts. SEE Turtles has generated over $1 million for turtle conservation and communities, their volunteers having worked more than 5,000 work shifts to protect sea turtles and resulting in 1 million turtle hatchlings saved. 

Bonobo Conservation Initiative -


The Bonobo Conservation Initative is the only international organization solely dedicated to protecting wild bonobos and their rainforest habitat. They work to promote conservation of the bonobo and its tropical forest habitat in the Congo Basin. Together with Congolese and international partners, local communities and the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, BCI is implementing innovative solutions to address the complex problem of bonobo conservation. The Initiative is working to conduct bonobo surveys, establish protected areas, build capacity of Congolese partners and indigenous communities, and to increase global awareness about our bonobo cousins.